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Sean Padilla
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Sean Padilla One of the best bands I've ever played a show with, in ANY city. A Southern-fried US Maple! Favorite track: Fisky.
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released August 1, 2012

Recorded & mixed with Chris Moore at East Hall Recording, Fayetteville, AR. Cover art by Brian Wolf.
Zack Wait: guitar & voice / Steve Ragle: drums / Sam King: bass.



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Egyptr Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Track Name: The Heat Just Above Zero
Mission creep time and type don't fuck with the dream the preeminent center the ingredients demand a party in harm's way each mind less tied than twine limbed I drove a buried van full of worms and wet receipts drove by the light of our most scenic right fly a flag for the provers kick out a cue for the cruisers the rumors that blow around the kite fight I'll tell you where to spend it that word that takes all day to say here we are laid again burning up for burning in the heat just above zero
Track Name: Fisky
I passed a class on how to fake a sunrise you just spray in the day wave after wave in all dead law rest your eyes untying knots hold it up until it gets easy it's that something in the way it's that gratitude at what blinks back at you slunk down in a crane with a crowd in a crate what kind of fruit could peel this way because I never been that much of a fan of that kind of lifting
Track Name: Bit Lip Red
I want out she said writ in bit lip red any time you let me down it bums me out own it
We say we say the only real fun is trouble ultimate ender egyptr quick and sand under most of us an ear's worth of trying to say a year's full of take to your grave seconds away at this stage the vampire plays to the stake meet two parasites the might just might the might get psyched and hitch a ride down through sweet old word of mouth one soundtrack south the midnight route we come around and surround one trip to take one strip to stray tits on a tray you know we line on up to shoot that green chartreuse from Monday's boots through Thursday's noose cut me loose kiss the mad wand in the white ward miscued coterie a stitch to seams the devil's breed see what I mean when we sing our one ton wish up from a ditch of pick up sticks a dis on all the fish piss in Arkansas the cardinal claw in Kandahar I mix it all with every chord and every sound that's lost or found build a town burn it down kiss the mad wand in the white ward
Track Name: Women In Arkansas
Let me be your clothes I will soak you it's rare I know for sure don't tell me what I smell like don't tell me what I taste like these the fangs that grins dream because we are the cars that set off our alarms as a weapon send in a wind to set off every squib out of sequence we clean the suns that burn off all the crumbs it's a witness high as a kite we are weightless for life get set it's a wonder that you'd wait to tell me to sleep in the shallows won't you find a way to tell me can't you find a way to say that it's on the least make sure any sign like a saying the least make sure a hiss and a wave that you hike so softly up every pole that you find it kills me the evening cast of your mind built up inside sit around settle down surround the brunch scene here in this vast sitting view it fills me the feeling rise up from a debt for what you ain't got yet it's the darkest part of that glowing tune it's the sharpest shard that I owe you
Track Name: Big Lights
I might come back to say it again hex at the hip cut you in half with a side step camp out and waitress weak little eclipse to kiss the cactus she catch slink into sunset wet as a sled wreck invent and senses to stretch it ain't no kind of focus just an instance for witness they're all just spies like the rest of us lately they never think twice that any level veil of thunder won't leak enough light any blur in any brain like a fog it burns away any phantom any feint like a fog it burns away a scraper to the face built to only concentrate on the perfect way to rate the worst song ever been sang because that's what you'll sing on that ride home then like a fog it burns away you can see right home
Track Name: Clouds
Taming and training conjures clash and attraction of the greatest gamblers ephemerous bestiary brimming molten octopus he's got a head for liberty mounts his own signature retreats in through the flat breeze
Track Name: The Eye
Rough count in thumb time fine high life party line one thought white hot all hell hanging there inside a jello shot the eye don't fuck around with salon girls route the responders tight turn to turn it off
Track Name: Meet The Believers
Say the words you'd rather get home tonight madame comes to feel alright the saber's come undone say the words you'd rather get home tonight fire comes to burn out light come meet the believers fade out the fake way stilts on a stingray suss out the safe way to save what you're selling whisked into wet sand waif's wishful waistband give yourself a hand and sell what you ceased to be or that's what you'd tell me got a coffee mug says my world is a slide leading out of my world but I don't care I slid off your sliding scale
Track Name: Key Fingers
Eyes are the knives of the young until scenes make their keys of our tongues if I'm in to win one thin pinprick of horse sense it's the lucky swerve of the pegasus this feels like a dream I will turn the key